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Lanzarote FAQ

Lanzarote Frequently Asked Questions
In this section we will attempt to answer some of the more common questions that keep on coming up in emails and on the message board.

Is Camping permitted in Lanzarote?
What Consumer Rights do I have as a Tourist in Lanzarote?
Can I buy Baby food and Disposable Nappies in Lanzarote?
Are there are any Nudist/Naturist Beaches in Lanzarote?
Can I visit Morocco?

Is Camping permitted in Lanzarote?
While you may see some Locals camping on certain parts of the Island during the summer, special permission needs to be obtained from the local Council/Government. There are NO official camp sites in Lanzarote, so unless you can gain prior permission to do so, it is best not to go Camping in Lanzarote.

What Consumer Rights do I have as a Tourist in Lanzarote?
As a Tourist visiting Lanzarote you have the same rights as any other customer. According to regulations the customer has the following rights:
  • The truth, complete information about the products and services offered, misleading publicity is punishable under the law.
  • In the customer's accommodation, he should receive products and a service, which in quality matches the chosen standard/category.
  • The accommodation should be secure, peaceful and the customer will have a certain level of privacy.
  • The customer has the opportunity to make complaints.
Making a complaint:
  • All businesses involved with the tourist industry are obliged to have a complaints book for public use. This book has be made available for anyone requiring its use. The person in charge is also obliged to explain how the book should be filled out and should answer any other questions.
  • The book should be in a place visible to the general public, and be available in Spanish, English and German.
  • When the forms are complete they will be forwarded to the "Inspección Turística" Department of the Canary Government. This will then be passed on to the relevant inspector, who will take action within the next 48 hrs.
Can I buy Baby food and Disposable Nappies in Lanzarote?
Yes, Baby products (Baby Food, Powdered Milk, Nappies etc) are available in most Supermarkets or Pharmacies.

Are there are any Nudist/Naturist Beaches in Lanzarote?
There is one Naturist Resort at Castillo de Papagayo is near Guatiza in the north east of Lanzarote. There are some other beaches (such as Papagayo), where people sometimes go nude, however as these are not strictly 'Nudist' Beaches some caution should be exercised.
More information is available at Lanzarote Naturally.

Can I visit Morocco?
Naviera Armas briefly ran a ferry service between Puerto del Rosario in Fuerteventura and Tarfaya in Morocco, however since that ferry ran aground off the Moroccan coast in 2008, the service has ceased to exist. There are presently no direct flights between Lanzarote and Morocco, however there are flights from Las Palmas in Gran Canaria.

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Dreamplace Castillo Papagayo8%
Gran Melia Salinas8%
Hotel Villa Vik8%
Gran Hotel Arrecife7%
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