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Current Weather Conditions
Conditions: Clear
Temperature: 23°C
Wind direction: NNW
Wind speed: 48 Kmph
Humidity: 47% Humidity
Sunrise: 7:24 AM
Sunset: 8:22 PM
Last Updated: Thursday, April 19, 2018

Lanzarote Weather

Lanzarote enjoys mild climatic conditions all year round, making it a wonderful travel destination in both summer and winter

Lanzarote receives very little rainfall, mainly due to the rather flat nature of the Island (the highest peak is just 671m). While the higher western Canary Islands receive plenty of rain on their mountainous northerly slopes, Lanzarote's low hills lack the altitude to cause rain (Orographic precipitation). When Lanzarote does get rain, it tends to be between November and March.

During the winter months (November to February), temperatures normally rise to the mid-twenties Celsius during the day (the actual temperatures in the sheltered resorts tend to be a few degrees higher than the ones reported in the newspapers), but can fall as low as 12°C at night. For this reason, you will often hear advice to bring a fleece or light jacket with you just in case.
During the hottest months (July to September), daytime temperatures can rise above 30°C - especially in sheltered locations or if there is little wind and rarely fall below 20°C at night.

Climatic Influences
Although Lanzarote is located just 127km from the Sahara Desert, it is several other factors that primarily influence its climate:

The Trade Winds
The north-easterly trade winds, which are at their most consistent during the summer months, help to keep the temperatures more moderate than would otherwise be expected. When the winds occasionally change to the east, the Saharan winds bring searing temperatures (which some ex-pats call the 'hair-dryer wind') and dust (Calima).
Although the, sometimes strong, north-easterly winds are often blocked by buildings or hills in the main tourist resorts, some care should be taken not to get sunburnt as the cooling effect of the breeze may prevent you from noticing the effects of the strong sunshine.

The Canary Current
The Canary Current also helps to temper the climate, bringing colder sea-water temperatures than would otherwise be expected at this latitude.

Month Average Max temp. Average Sea temp. Average Sunshine Hours
January 21 C 19 C 7
February 21 C 18 C 8
March 23.5 C 18 C 8
April 24.5 18 8
May 25 C 19 C 9
June 26 C 20 C 11
July 28 C 21 C 10
August 29 C 22 C 11
September 29 C 23 C 8
October 27 C 23 C 7
November 24 C 21 C 6
December 21.5 C 20 C 7

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Lanzarote Weather
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